How are socks made?

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Socks making process in socks making factory is quite complicated,

  1. first you have to design the socks, draw the pattern with socks knitting software and send it to the socks machine
  2. Dye and acquire the raw socks yarn, set it on the machine
  3. Start knitting - it usually takes a few minutes to knit one sock.
  4. The socks come out from the knitting machines are not finished product, it need to send to an seam-linking department in the factory, have the seam seal.
  5. Set the socks on metal plates one by one and send it to a high temperature steaming machine, steam it for a few hours - this process help to set the shape of socks and also to kill bacteria.
  6. Leave the socks in drying room overnight to dry.
  7. Send the socks to packaging department. 

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